Solana on Safari with Saifu Wallet

Posted on Wed May 25, 2022

Saifu for Safari

We’re excited to announce that Saifu Wallet for Safari is now available for download in the Apple AppStore, making Saifu the first Solana desktop wallet to support Apple’s Safari browser!

Get it here 👉

Saifu for Safari

What is Saifu Wallet for Solana?

Saifu is the extensible Solana wallet, a wallet made for people that breathe and live in web3, by people that do the same. Stake, trade, and explore the Solana ecosystem without ever leaving your wallet.

Aggregate information across DeFi through plugins that integrate the apps you love right into the wallet experience or build your own through an open plugin SDK.

Saifu is here so you can get more out of DeFi!

Solana, now usable on Safari

With Saifu it is now finally possible to fully interact with the Solana ecosystem on macOS without the need for third-party browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

We’re big fans of Safari and are committed to bringing a stellar Solana experience into the Apple ecosystem!