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The extensible Solana Wallet

Saifu is the the first fully extensible web3 wallet for Solana, made for people that breathe Web3, by people that do the same.

Stake, trade and explore the Solana ecosystem without ever leaving your wallet.

Aggregate information across the DeFi and CEX space and access your investments right at your fingertips.


What Saifu can do

Saifu is packed with all the things about web3 you already know and love. But there's more!

Extensible by design

Extend Saifu with custom functionality and integrations to make your web3 experience fully unique and tailored towards your needs.

DeFi and CeFi, right at your fingertips

Saifu is built for professionals and enthusiasts alike. A wallet that is able to pull information about your investment across different dApps and keep you updated.

Your keys, your crypto

Saifu is built with the latest Web3 technologies. Your keys are stored fully encrypted and never leave your device. Connect hardware wallets for even more security.



Saifu is fully packed and batteries-included right from the start, ready to jump right into the web3 ecosystem.

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Built for power users

Saifu is usable with all your favorite Solana apps without any extra configuration. Just hit connect and you're good to go!

Explore extensions and plugins to directly integrate DeFi and CeFi services right into Saifu. Stay up to date on your investments with ease.

Further expand functionality by creating your own plugins, and make Saifu even more powerful. (coming soon)

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