Saifu everywhere with Wallet Emulation

Posted on Tue Apr 26, 2022

Wallet Emulation

Saifu launched with a nifty feature called ‘Wallet Emulation’, and in our recent 1.1 release, we made it a bit more powerful!

What is Wallet Emulation?

Wallet Emulation is a Saifu-unique feature that makes Saifu pretend it’s a different wallet… without actually being another wallet.

Saifu will ask you on first launch which wallet you’d like to emulate with Phantom pre-selected, but Slope emulation is also fully supported. (Protip: Use Slope emulation if you have Phantom already installed)

Wallet Emulation Selector
On first launch, Saifu will ask you which adapter to use

This effectively means that we can select “Phantom” or “Slope” when connecting to a website, even if those aren’t installed!

Why do we need Wallet Emulation?

Solana dApps have to use something called a wallet-adapter to integrate with wallets. In Solana, wallet adapters aren’t normalized - each wallet has a slightly different interface required for connection.

The Solana foundation does a great job managing these adapters at the wallet-adapter repository, but in the end, it still depends on the dApp to decide which wallets they want to support.

We added Wallet Emulation to maximize compatibility with existing dApps that don’t use our wallet-adapter yet. So you can use Saifu almost everywhere, even if they have never heard of us!

How to use Wallet Emulation

Go to the website you’d like to connect with and select the wallet you picked in Saifu’s emulation settings to use Wallet Emulation. If you chose “Slope”, select “Slope” as the wallet you’d like to connect with.

Wallet Emulation Showcase
Wallet Emulation in action

To change wallet adapter settings, head over to “Settings” within Saifu and select “Wallet Adapter”. From here, you can switch back and forth between the available options.

Wallet Emulation Setting

About Saifu Wallet

Saifu is the extensible Solana wallet - a wallet made for power users and advanced use-cases. Saifu is powered by an open plugin system to extend it with additional functionality.

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